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The mission of the WA-USBC-WBA is:
To Provide Enjoyment and Opportunities for Women Bowlers

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Our 30th Annual Senior Tournament was held at Bertrand Lanes on December 6, 2014.  Congratulations to our Under 150 Average Winner Anne Jennings and Our Over 151 Average Winner Marcia Fox!!!   

Here are the other winners from the Senior tournament:

150 and under                                    151 and over

Wendy Artman                                     Kay Griesbach

Debbie Needham                                 Debby West

Thalia Anest                                         Audrey Nash

Nina Tate                                             Linda Taft

Carol Awe/Nincy Wilcox (tie)

Out of the money winners:

Mary Willecke                                      Aleta Balmes



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Bowling Centers we represent:
Brunswick Zone Fountain Square
631 Lakehurst Rd.
Sunset Bowl
2015 N. Lewis Ave.
Bertrand Bowling Lanes
2616 Washington St.,